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Local Skateboard Company is a Myrtle Beach based company building custom skateboards.

The specs on our longboards are as follows:

 1)  The deck is constructed of 12 plys (layers) of rock maple.  The maple trees are grown in northern Michigan and Canada and are some of the slowest growing trees in the world which makes the Local Longboards the strongest flexible longboard in the industry. They are manufactured in North Carolina by one of my best friends.

2) The trucks we use are either Independent (name of manufacturer and not type) 180mm steel or Paris 180 mm steel and both are considered high grade. 

3) The wheels we use come from a variety of top manufacturers in the industry they are constructed of high grade polyurethane and usually run between 70 and 76 mm. Seismic, Gravity and Orangutang are just a few manufacturers that supply us.

4) The bearings we run are Birdhouse which are manufactured by the great Tony Hawk.  They are dubbed as lightning fast precision abec (annular bearing engineering committee) 5 bearings. 

5) The hardware that attaches the trucks and wheels to the board is a high grade stainless that is purchased from local small hardware stores. 

6) Every board is built stained and finished in my garage in Surfside Beach with integrity pride and master craftsmanship using my fathers and grandfathers tools.

As a custom longboard builder, we can offer any type of graphics possible. Color pictures, black and whites, hand drawn artwork and logos are just a few examples of what we can provide for our customers.

I have plenty of samples and ideas in my portfolio!